I just want to lay on that thick blue carpet and listen to the train go by.

Those were the days. No bills to worry about or financial obligations.

The biggest problem of the day was wiping the chicken shit off your shoes before coming back inside the house from the farm.

My muscles were never sore from straining all day looking at a laptop …

Or sore from explosive workout routines intended to prevent me from imploding on the inside from the fires I had to put out in my business that day.

My muscles were only sore from laughing too hard for hours about something stupid with my cousins - usually farts. That’s probably why I had abs when I was 10.

I am not gonna lie and say those were simpler times. I had my own shit to deal with. Emotionally speaking, the issues I had back then were probably relatively just as “heavy” as the ones I have now.

My 10 year old self was about to experience his first heartbreak a year later from a girl he only talked to through gmail. He’d then listen to “Apologize” by One Republic 404 times on iTunes.

The grass is always greener on the other side, though. Whether the other side is 14 years behind us or 30 years ahead of us, we tend to glorify it.

Right now, I’d take the chicken shit and heartbreak over business fires all day. Amazon isn’t accepting shipments and the creative energy I am using to generate income and systems to keep my employees employed is definitely more than the creative energy it took to laugh at farts.

There WAS something about that train and the blue carpet … however.

Perhaps it’s because whenever I imagined going to my grandma’s house, I always thought about the train… and the blue carpet. So when I WAS actually there, and the train DID go by, it was a reminder that I finally got what I wanted … A break from school and time with my cousins and family.

In those brief moments where the engineer would lay on the horn, shaking the whole foundation of that house, I would reach an extreme state of gratitude. The horn was a trigger. A reminder that I reached “the other side”. I would cherish it. Take a deep breath. Smell the chicken shit on my shoes I didn’t wipe off thoroughly.

I experienced similar moments of intense gratitude when I lived in my car and I would finally get a chance to take a normal shower at someones house. The only other time I had been so thankful for running water was after the intense wrestling practices where I sweat half my body weight off in the sauna of rooms that sport of wrestling “requires”.

Something so simple…clean... water. That’s something that all of us first worlders can be grateful for. In these hard times, find something you're grateful for NOW and marinate in it. The simpler, and more earthly the better (think chicken shit and water).

Much love guys, my mind has been venturing to that blue carpet more frequently lately and I just wanted to document my thoughts.

Feel free to share this post if it resonated with you, as this page will be dedicated to more written content (maybe I will make a book out of it decades down the road!)

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