Romer Martin is the founder of He also runs a six-figure book business on Amazon and created a step-by-step course teaching others how to do the same at

Romer became "Romer the Roamer" in 2018 when he moved out of his parent's house and pursued his dream of traveling the world. To avoid hotel expenses, he decided to remove the car seats in his Toyota Corolla so he could live in it and began traveling western America. To fund this journey, he started selling books on Amazon finding them at libraries and thrift stores across the country.

Romer traveled the country for over a year documenting his experience on YouTube. When he came back to his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee he continued networking with other booksellers he had met through social media and discovered a consistent problem: restricted books.


This started the groundwork for A website that allows you to send your restricted books or media to Romer where he will sell them for you at a 50/50 split. Since it's release in June of 2019, has over 400 consignors and is growing daily.


Towards the end of 2019 Romer and his mentor Steve Raiken (Raiken Profit DOT COM) decided to move to Miami, Florida where they could salsa dance 24/7! Since moving to Florida, Romer released his step-by-step course with a goal of helping 100 people reach full-time on Amazon.     

When he isn't flipping books or salsa dancing, Romer volunteers for Habitat for Humanity, donates blood and gives back to the homeless. 


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