1. Go to sellercentral.amazon.com.


2. Click register now → start selling → create Amazon account → enter name, email, and password → verify email


3. Select business location and business type (it’s okay if you’re not incorporated! I know six figure sellers who are not registered as a “business”)


4. Enter your address


5. Register for a professional account. It’s $40 a month, but you get the benefits of accessing third party apps (ScoutIQ, Accelerlist, and NuPrice), you know longer have to pay the $0.99/ per item fee when a book sells, and you also get access to business analytics.


6. I recommend selecting all countries you’re eligible to sell when it asks you which marketplaces to register in. Amazon is trying to expand their reach, and as a seller you benefit by granting them access to ship your inventory overseas.


7. Click next and enter your billing information.


8. Choose a store name. I recommend something that sounds professional and has to do with books. 9. Verify your account. 10. You are all set!

or download here by clicking pdf  icon